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Hello all !

And welcome on Bettizpod, new a blog dedicated to the explanation of French idioms! Here we are between us, it is not a question to teach you French or to teach you the literary language, this blog has for only will to sensitize you with the informal speech, the slang, the common language you can use in the streets, the school, between friends, and to help to be at ease with it :)

Do not hesitate to feed this blog with your questions, your ideas, I would be pleased of being able to help you and sharing with you! Think that your questions might also concern other people, then make benefit to all and raise your questions on : bettizpod@gmail.com

See you there!

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Sara 05/03/2008 00:43

HI . My teacher gave me a bad grade on an essay , in french of course,  on the topic " Does technology maked us lazy "  because I put my opinion in the introduction . She told the standard form in France for an essay is  that you put your opinion in the conclusion . That does not make any sense to me . Could someone verify this for me ? Thank you so much !!!