Paname et les parigots !

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I live in Paname :)
But I could also say, in a conventionnal way : I live in Paris ! ( = J'habite à Paris / Paname )

Yes, Paname means Paris !

Paname is well accepted by most of people, it's kinda slang word but not a rude or nasty one. Actually you can use Paname quite naturally when you talk to young people or when you are a real Parisian, like me :)

You will sound really "in" if you are a foreigner in Paris and tell to your friends : Je me sens bien à Paname! ( = I feel good in Paris / Paname ! )
Just try it !
You can say for example : J'aime Paname, on est bien à Paname, la vie est belle à Paname, Paname c'est trop cher! mais Paname c'est trop cool !

And here are other words you maybe have to know if you come to France (still related to Paris): Parigot and Parigotte
This is the way people from the countryside are calling parisian people. This is quite old fashioned but sometimes you can hear this in rural part of France or something...
But be careful, it is a rather pejorative way to call the inhabitants of Paris
Parisians are not very famous in the countryside, I mean we don't have a very good reputation... Parisian people are often seen as dull, unpleasant, scorning, pretentious,... Nice isn't it??
In the past, maybe 30 or 50 years ago (but nowadays people know it too) there was a little song :

Parisiens, têtes de chien!
Parigots, tête de veaux!

Parisians, dogheads!
Parigots, calfhead!

So... you understand that it is not a really kind way of calling people from Paris!

Anyway, what I'd like to say is "Vive Paname!"

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Tim 24/03/2009 08:18

N'oubliez pas que l'une des dernieres chansons chantee par Josephine Baker au Bobino en 1975 (elle est morte au lit apres le concert)  est nommee "Paris, Paname"....."Puisque Paris, c'est une femme...appelez donc Paris..Paname"