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Hey all :)

I received a few questions about the expression : "à la mode"
So... what does that mean??
In english or US english people use à la mode to say "with ice crem". That's a funny way to use this idiom  because in France à la mode means in fact  fashionable !

We can maybe consider as fashionable eating pie with ice cream :)
Anyway, don't try to order a pancake or a pie or whatever "à la mode" in Paris because the waiter might not understand what you really want... He undoubtedly will ask you what you mean, à la mode de quoi? 
If you want something à la mode, it's better to ask "with ice cream" :) ( = avec de la glace)

Here are some example to use the expression à la mode :

Cette fille est vraiment à la mode, elle connaît toutes les nouvelles collections Dior!

( = This girl is really fashionable, she knows all the last Dior collections! )
Tu n'est vraiment pas à la mode, tu n'as pas même de Converses!
( = You're really not "in", you don't have any Converses! )

Indeed, à la mode can be related to the fashion world, but it can also means that everybody's doing one activity, and that you have to do this activity to be fashionable / à la mode

Tout le monde le monde lis Dan Brown, c'est à la mode...

( = Evebody's reading Dan Brown, that's fashionable... )
C'est très à la mode de faire des régimes...
( = It's quite fashionable to be on diet...)

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Mally 28/02/2008 02:19

Hi Bettiz I have to say I've never heard "à la mode" being used to mean with ice cream. Maybe this is only in the USA do you think:?

Bettizpod 28/02/2008 09:53

Hi Mally, thanks for your comment :) Actually yes it might be used only in US English, you made good to precise it ! Where do you come from you Mally?