Many thanks to Live Journal!

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I've seen that a kind person from "Live Journal" post a very nice article about my blog!

The Modo if this website is:

LiveJournal lets you express yourself, share your life, and connect with friends online.

You can use LiveJournal in many different ways: as a private journal, a blog, a discussion forum, a social network, and more

Here is the post if you want to have a look :)
But i've to warn you that the post is in Rusian! Here it is: идиомы_слэнг_блог

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Gina 21/02/2008 02:11

Salut! J'aime bien ton blog! Je suis americain, et j'aime lire tes suggestions! Merci beaucoup pour l'aide francais! (Et excusez-moi pour ne pas avoir les accents et pour le mauvais grammaire!)

Bettizpod 23/02/2008 12:46

Hey Gina, many thanks to compliment this blog; it is very pleasant to see that I can help people who already have some french skills to improve their language :)

Alina 20/02/2008 17:22

Thank you for all the help you are giving to all the guys that are interested in French. I especially appreciate the information and detailed examples you have provided on the blog.Your assistance is invaluable gift for all of us .  I greatly appreciate the job you are doing. Best Regards:))