Une oeuvre, des oeuvres...!

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One again, here is a question from Nanditha (India):  What means the word "oeuvre"?

The word «oeuvre » is literally translated as « Work »

But if we want to precise the idea, we can consider “une oeuvre” as an artistic work related to Art. All sorts of Art, it can be painting, writing, it can be about a song, about a music, about a drawing, every creation one can do. All works.

For example:

"J’adore Proust, spécialement sa dernière œuvre " = I love Proust, especially his last work

" Ce peintre n’a aucun talent, il n’a pas produit une seule œuvre en dix ans! "  = This painter has no talent he hasn’t produced one work in this last 10 years!

The word œuvre does automatically reference to Art or creation. But if you want to insist on the artistic side of the thing you’re talking about it is better to use “oeuvre d’art”

For example:

" La Joconde de Leonard De Vinci est une véritable œuvre d’art! " = The Jocund of Leonard Da Vinci is a genuine work of art.

" Maman, maman, regarde je suis en train de te faire un dessin
- Ah oui ? Montre-moi ça !
- Tiens le voila
- Ouah ! Mais c’est une œuvre d’art ! "
(If she wants to be nice with her kid who offers her an awful drawing…J

" J’ai foiré ce tableau mais le prochain sera une œuvre d’art! " = I messed up this painting but the next one will be a work of art!

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