Qui pour un apéro ??

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Here is a new word today: apéritif
The word is derived from the Latin verb "aperire", which means to open.

An apéritif is an alcoholic drink usually enjoyed as an appetizer before a meal.
An apéritif can also refer to a social occasion involving cocktails and a light meal without the necessity of a full meal afterwards.

Apéritif is generally taken before the lunch or diner time.
It is often served with something small to eat, like olives or crackers.

The apéritif indicates by extension the food-picking which can precede the meal. This includes finger food, often pistachios, chips or salted nuts. On broader terms, the apéritif applies to all types of food (small cakes, cut out fruits, pork-butcheries, cheeses and other imaginative assortments) which are served alongside drinks.

We have a short word in France to call this, we can consider it at the slang word: apéro.

" Que dis-tu de venir boire un apéro avec nous ? " What do you think about coming along to drink an apéro ?

Apéritif is far from being impossible to circumvent, it is generally taken to relax, in the week-ends, with family, friends,... It is generally related to convivial environments.
Sometimes, when you get a new neighbor you can introduce yourself by proposing to take an apéritif together :)

L'apéro can also be considered as the period (during which people drink before their meal) and not only as drinks.

When I say to my father: "Viens prendre un l'apéro!" indeed it implies "Hey come to have a drink before we eat"
Or "l'apéro est-il prêt?" Meaning: "Are drinks served and people ready?"

So... Qui m'invite à prendre un apéro ?!? 

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