Les français sont des bons-vivants!

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Very often when people want to describe french behavior, they use the word " bon vivant "

The Frenchies are considered as bons vivants by their neighboors, and they define themselves also like this.

To be a "bon vivant" means literally : to be a good liver ...
In a few word a bon vivant is a person who loves the life, and who enjoys the good things in life, especially good food and drink :)
Yes, the Frenchies love eating, they love drinking too :) We are greedy! And kind of epicureans too...! :)

The bons vivants are not affraid to grow bigger, they are interested in the good food, good wine,... and the good moments shared with their friends around a table :)

Here is a video I found on the Internet. It is a song called "bon vivant" done by two french singers amateurs.
It has been filmed in Paris streets.
It seems that these guys do a new song every sunday, their "band" is called "la chanson du dimanche" (= the song of sunday) and they are quite funny guys! Here is the video of the song, enjoy! (and try to listen to the lyrics if you can understand because it's really funny :))

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